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K4 Partners, s.r.o. is a trading company, which was established in order to utilize the free field in international business. Concerning the place of the company in the heart of Europe, which is characteristic by the high work quality and relatively low production costs, we would like to attract other companies especially in the old countries of the European Union with an offer of the Slovak products.

Concerning the fact, we are the company whose place of residence is in Žiar nad Hronom which is a town with a rich aluminium history we would like to develop our activity also in this area. Of course, besides of engineering we are looking also for other perspective areas in which we will see the competitive advantage of a succes in the European market.

Our aim is to satisfy the increasing demand for goods and services of a high quality by searching of creative, effective and flexible solutions which would be appropriate for both business parties.



K4 Partners, s.r.o., L. Majerského 585, 966 01 Hliník nad Hronom, k4partners@k4partners.sk
the company is registered at the Register of companies of the Slovak Republic, District Court Banska Bystrica, Section Sro, Input 12361/S